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HNK Rijeka Night: watch the report from the Gala

HNK Rijeka Night – Together We are Rijeka, has once again gathered all those whose hearts beat for Rijeka.
There were plenty of reasons to celebrate; 2017 shall go down in the Club’s history books as the golden year.

- The most beautiful moment of the season was the reception at Korzo. People were patient. They waited for this for a long time and that reception left the biggest impression on me. This has been a dream season for all of us and, God willing, we’ll soon do it all over again, said Damir Mišković, Chairman of HNK Rijeka.
This has been the year in which the dream of winning the championship became a reality, in which the double crown was won, and in which Rijeka won against the great Milan.

- Everything we’ve witnessed was unforgettable and I believe it will all happen again. We should be proud and happy to be part of this story. This isn’t the story of a single person but rather the entire city and the Club. I hope that Rijeka will continue to stand tall in 2018, said Matjaž Kek, Rijeka’s manager.
Watch the report from the Gala night.

Noć HNK Rijeka – Zajedno smo Rijeka (43)
Noć HNK Rijeka – 2017.

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