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HNK Rijeka – thank you to the players and staff

The management of Croatian Football Club Rijeka wishes to sincerely thank the players, the first-team professional staff, the players of HNK Rijeka on loan, all employees of the Football Academy, the working community, Kantrida Stadium, and the external associates who have accepted the reduction in contractual pay, i.e. the austerity measure proposed by the Club in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

The first team and the HNK Rijeka technical staff have given up 1/3 of their earnings for the next 16 months. At the same time, the players and the technical staff have at this point agreed to receive the remaining 2/3 of their earnings according to the plan laid out by the Club, due to the current extraordinary circumstances

It is worth noting that the entire process leading to this agreement was made possible by the mutual understanding of both parties. The players and the technical staff have shown commitment to the Club, as well as social sensitivity in these difficult times, and thus have contributed greatly to preserving all of the Club jobs.

A big thank you to all our partners and sponsors for the ongoing collaboration which, we believe, will continue successfully after the pandemic is over.

Thank you to all of our fans, Club members, and loyal season ticket holders for the messages of support they have sent in recent days. We cannot wait to see you again in the stands as we cheer together. We are looking forward to more victories and trophies for HNK Rijeka.

Together we are Rijeka, but for now, please stay home.

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