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CFC Rijeka has worked with young football players since its inception and CFC Rijeka Football School has been an organized unit within the Club since 1972 when it started systematically working with young football players according to the curriculum.

This approach quickly began to yield results – the players from the legendary 'Cote d'Azur' originated from the school. A few years later, they were part of the teams that made some of the most important successes in the Club's history, such as winning two Yugoslav Cups or matches against Juventus and Real Madrid.

CFC Rijeka Football School gathers more than 400 children.

Today, CFC Rijeka Football School gathers more than 400 children. Professional coaches work with them on two football fields (back-up field at Kantrida and Robert Komen field). They are working according to the curriculum with the aim to develop their gaming and motor skills, and preparing young players for the first team.

CFC Rijeka Football School members are classified into 11 age categories (football playground, younger Morettos, Morettos, older Morettos, young pioneers I, young pioneers II, older pioneers I, older pioneers II, cadets I, cadets II and juniors). In 2014, the CFC Rijeka Open School of Football started operating as well.

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